To ensure that your PDF template delivers optimum results, we need a standardised PDF, ideally a PDF/X-4 which needs to fulfil the following criteria:
CAUTION: Once you have submitted your order, the book will be produced based on your PDF. There is no “proof copy”.

  • Upload a PDF/X-4 based on the Bookfactory profile set download + install profile set OR
    upload a PDF/X-1A with output intent ISO coated V2 300.
  • Do not set any crop or other print marks (set a 3 mm bleed on document, but do not set any marks)
  • Embed fonts
  • Image resolution (minimum 200 dpi) 220 dpi: good resolution. Recommendation 300 dpi.
  • Architectural plans must be exported as jpg from the CAD program and placed as an image. Vectorized plans in PDF format cannot be printed correctly.

 Contents (= all pages bar the cover)

  • Create pages as individual pages, starting with the first page right
    (except Flatbook: first page on the left)
  • Format: final format + 3 mm crop (use 3 mm bleed box)
  • Page count: from 16 pages, stitch binding available from 12 pages


  • Hard and softcover: as double page with additional spine and bleed.
  • Download a “sample file” as a design aid from the Configurator (cropped PDF)
  • Booklets and wire-bound brochures: cover pages as double-pages or two single pages with 3 mm bleed.

Tip: Use our cover Designer to create your cover. Read more in our PDF-to-Book Manual.

Preparing images
  • Orthochromatic image interpretation (this requires a calibrated monitor)
  • RGB images = with embedded source profiles (sRGB, AdobeRGB, eciRGB)
  • CMYK images = ISO coated v2 300 -> Preparing images in Photoshop: See PDF-to-Book Manual

Creation of a PDF

If the document is structured as described above, there are two options: Export a PDF/X- 1A or a PDF/X-4.  

PDF/X-1A: All RGB images are converted to CMYK, correct colour profile (ISO coated V2 300) absolutely necessary

PDF/X-4: can contain RGB