You can check your PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Professional (display embedded fonts, CID fonts, colour spaces for images and objects used). Open the file you have exported in Acrobat and select: «Edit / Preflight / Imported profiles / Analyze And Fix». Preflight profile (for Adobe Acrobat Pro, the file must be imported from the folder based on the Acrobat version). Instructions: Open Adobe Acrobat / Edit Preflight / In new window: Options Import Preflight profile / Select Preflight profile from download folder and confirm with OK.
Download the profile set

(If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Professional, you can check the individual colour channels under the Print Preview menu option). After exporting to PDF, check autopaging against your template.

Check the following:

  • Export PDF/X-4 as individual pages
  • Correct file size: Final format + 3 mm bleed for content. Cover as per calculation in the sample file
  • Fonts: Are embedded
  • 3 mm bleed around the whole format
  • No cutting or colour marks in the document
  • Images all have sufficient resolution
  • PDF contains no comments

CAUTION: Once you have submitted your order, the book will be produced based on your PDF. There is no «proof copy».