• For stitch binding and thread binding, pages can only be added in multiples of four.
  • The maximum thickness for a Flatbook binding is 15 mm.
    This represents roughly 100 pages.
  • The finishing options «headband» and «bookmark» for the hardcover are only possible with a book thickness of at least 6mm.
  • We offer a selection of standard formats (13 formats, depending on binding type and number of pages)
  • We do not process images containing Pantone colours, they are automatically converted into CMYK.
  • Lightroom: As the 4 Lightroom formats are different from our standard formats, we cannot process them as part of the standardised process. Of course, we can make the product you want as a special request. Please contact our chargeable consultation service with your request.
  • Architecture: Vectorized plans as PDFs cannot be printed correctly. Please export as jpg from the CAD program and place as image in the layout program. 


Help with error messages:

Do you have problems with the file upload in our configurator? Here we have summarized the most important error messages, possible causes and help for you. Click here for the PDF.